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Usual Cerex, Album, 2002

Carex, compilation Les Fourches Caudines, 2020

Iltra, compilation Bucolique VOL01, 2001

Arco5, Oscillochien [sink Remix], 2003

Tellemake Tellemake, Camilla Rhodes Remix, Scarbo, 2004

Bee Rec BEE EP
BEE Compil
Bee compil
BEE REcords
Bee EP, 3 tracks
2005, vinyl
track : Anorak
compilation CD 2004
track : Vöstok Remote
compilation CD 2010

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track : neverending transformer
compilation 2006
track : fauna (solynopex)
compilation 2005 CD
track : LightVad32
pavillon 36, 2010
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Vst & Samples

| VST |

Over the years, I have worked with many VST Plugin developers, beta testing software, providing presets or samples.
Here are a few companies I have worked with : Acon Digital, Blue Cat Audio, Klanghelm, Melda Productions, Tritik, AudioThing, Tone2, Sknote, DiscoDSP, 112dB, as well as older legends such DeLaMancha , Variety of Sound or Odo.


WaveShaper DrumSamples Check out, a sister company providing drumsamples.


Squarp Rample
I made some consulting and beta testing for SQUARP Pyramid sequencer, and provided samples for RAMPLE, their Eurorack sample player.

I am making electronic music since the late 90s.
I have been releasing records of various lengths (album, EPs, remixes, compilations) and formats (CD, vinyl, digital).
I played live, with artists such as Richard Devine, Mike Paradinas, Venetian Snares, Martin
Gretschmann, Arco5, GDZ...
My music often ranges from ambient to drill & bass, and gathers elements from electronica, braindance, chiptune or contemporary music.
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